Hamlet Paper

Hello All!

I know the month of April was a very hectic time for you all between the HOSA trip (and studying!), exams, peer tutoring and… VACATION! I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you all and how much myself, and the other teachers, appreciate each of you sacrificing your time during Rx to help the sixth graders as well as your fellow ninth grade classmates! We also appreciate how hard you’ve been working in all of our classes as well… so continue to keep up the great work until June =)

Okay, so once again, it’s that time for a two-page paper! I will give you each an essay format next week to follow for your essays. For the Hamlet essay, I would like you to choose one of the following topics…

1. Analyze the use of descriptions and images in Hamlet. How does Shakespeare use descriptive language to enhance the visual possibilities of a stage production? How does he use imagery to create a mood of tension, suspense, fear, and despair?

2. Conflict is essential to drama. How does Hamlet present both an outward and inward conflict throughout the play?

3. In Act V, scene 2, Hamlet remarks, “His madness is poor Hamlet’s enemy.” Explain Hamlet’s motivation behind this comment and examine how true is his remark.

4. Although Hamlet ultimately rejects it at the end of the play, suicide is an ever-present solution to the problems in the drama. Discuss the play’s suggestion of suicide and imagery of death.

5. Is Hamlet primarily a tragedy of revenge?

… any other topics or ideas feel free to speak with me! Please have these essays in to me by May 22 (Friday). Thanks!

– Miss. Shannon


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